Aims and purpose of the First Aid Providers Conference

Aims and purpose of the First Aid Providers Conference

First Aid conference is organised by First Aid Training Co-operative. Our Directors Tom and Cory recognised there were few opportunities for first aid providers across Scotland and northern England to network and have CPD opportunities. Result is this event that is aimed at trying to bring together a range of providers and their trainers (large and small) to discuss the first aid training sector with each other and other relevant suppliers, Awarding Organisations/Bodies and voluntary/welfare organisations.

The first conference in 2017 was a great success and we have decided to try and run these events bi-annually. The vent is design to be not for profit. Prices are held as low a possible and cover food, venue hire and our staff time to plan, organise and deliver the event. Plus bringing together a great variety of speakers and exhibitors.

We always welcome feedback and ideas for the conference, who to invite as speakers and exhibitors too. If you have any ideas then please let us know.

First Aid Training Co-operative works differently to other first aid training businesses. Our trainers are Associate Members who often run their own first aid business. We have a variety of business models to suit different scales of operation that always arrange of companies to join as providers. The Co-operatives aim is to take the hassle out of being a first aid provider;

  • Offer an administration hub/service for client bookings, invoicing and debt collecting, certification
  • Give commissions for all new clients brought into the Co-operative which will be paid in perpetuity even when you stop training first aid
  • Provide high quality but simple ‘on course’ administration for busy trainers
  • Provide a high standard of IQA and CPD support for trainer, including simple introduction of sector updates and changes

In short we aspire to do all the administration and leave trainers to train, giving them great support. We are not and AO/AB and don’t operate like any other Company as far as we know.

For those who have been in the sector for a long time then they are tired with all the changes and simply want to leave the sector. They often are struggling to find the right financial model that will provide them with an income for their business, make sure their current trainers are looked after and leave their clients in a safe pair of hands. The Co-operative can help here. We have different business models to suit different providers.

To arrange a coffee with Tom Durham, one of our Directors, at the Conference to discuss any potential partnerships please email him on .

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