Speakers for 2019

Speakers for 2019

We have put together a great mix of talks and lectures, see list below. At the end of the day when you leave the conference you will be presented with your CPD certifcate for the event. This covers one of your requirements as a first aid trainer to evidence annual CPD.

  • Developments in AED’s. Mac Macdonald Cardiac Science
  • Mapping ticks and Lyme disease. Dr Jim Douglas NHS Highland’s National Lyme Borreliosis Testing Laboratory
  • Acid Attacks. A talk from Jaf Shah Acid Survivors Trust International
  • Act FAST for Stroke – but what happens next?  Stroke Association
  • Mental Health First Aid. Brian Glass from Choose Life Training
  • Epilepsy today and tomorrow. Epilepsy Scotland
  • Role and function of the FAAOF.
  • National Resilience Strategy & major incident management planning NHS Scotland
  • Haemorrhage control – a view from an expert. Toni Murch Celox Academy.
  • A Paramedics Eye View of Time Critical Emergencies.’ Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance.
  • Outdoor Bugs and Germs: We need to encourage outdoor activity for health and wellbeing. What sensible precautions are required? NHS Scotland

To book a place at the frist aid conference – click here.

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