Lyme disease talk at conference (Edinburgh, March 8th 2019)

Lyme disease talk at conference (Edinburgh, March 8th 2019)
If you want to know more about Lyme Disease and just how common it is in Scotland and northern England, then you will definitely be interested in listening to Dr Jim Douglas’s talk at the First Aid Conference.

Jim is a Fort William based GP who’s made it his mission to raise awareness of Lyme disease. Jim has been working with other GP’s and the NHS Highland’s National Lyme Borreliosis Testing Laboratory at Raigmore in Inverness to produce maps showing Lyme hot-spots.

Last year, the European Space Agency awarded research funding to develop a phone app and web-based system that would help to identify tick hot-spots. The proposed system will use GPS technology to provide information on a user’s location and they will be able to upload information on ticks in that area.

Find out the full story on the day!

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