Confirmed speaker – John Pritchard (Lead Paramedic) and Mike Beale (Vice-chair)

Confirmed speaker – John Pritchard (Lead Paramedic) and Mike Beale (Vice-chair)

‘SCAA – A Paramedic Eye View of Time Critical Emergencies.’

John is the SCAA Paramedic Team Leader. John, who was has been awarded an MBE, was previously a Royal Air Force medic for seven years and has been with the Scottish Ambulance Service for over 20 years. He is also a pre-hospital care instructor and responder with BASICS Scotland.
“I’m hugely proud and honoured to be part of the SCAA team. This charity greatly enhances the frontline emergency medical response provision, benefiting patients, doctors, nurses, community responders and hospitals.”
“SCAA is a major step forward in terms of patient care – especially in the more remote and rural areas, an air ambulance based at Perth Airport is a vital asset for the people of Scotland.”                            

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance first flew in May 2013.  Why did we start, where are we now, where are we going?! Our mantra is ‘Saving Time, Saving Lives.’ Our calls are daily, our objectives unchanged. The talk will map the past, the present and the future.

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